IT Support – Outsourcing Vs In House IT Department

IT Support – Outsourcing Vs In House IT Department

The decision whether to outsource IT support is one that an increasing number of companies are considering due to the advent of cloud computing. IT outsourcing has been going on since the early 1980s, but by allowing companies to pay on a “per-use” basis for the outsourced services, the cloud has made IT support companies more affordable, accessible, and strategically flexible.

So the allure of IT outsourcing is greater than ever. But the fundamental question remains: How can it help my business?

IT Expertise

As with any outsourcing, a principle advantage is that the company you hire as your outsourcing partner will have IT know-how that most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have.

The IT world grows more complex daily, and it takes a great deal of expense and energy for a company to keep up with trends and opportunities for increased efficiency, while at the same time staying focused on its core competencies. However, staying on the cutting edge of IT developments is an IT outsourcer’s bread and butter.

Economies of Scale

IT hardware and software can be incredibly expensive. For small and medium-sized businesses, the IT cost management is often prohibitive. But even when a company can manage to afford the IT infrastructure and software it needs, it’s not always a wise investment when—by choosing to outsource IT support—you can benefit from the economies of scale created by their relatively heavy use of IT resources. Savings in this area are a key aspect of how companies that provide outsourced IT services make their costs so attractive.

Round the Clock Support

If you outsource IT support, no matter what time it is, you have immediate help when problems arise. That’s not always the case, particularly in smaller companies.


Because of the pricing model and the IT knowledge you have access to when you outsource IT support, you can build an IT plan that is prepared to handle growth of your business. Particularly, with the emergence of cloud options, companies can now grow with assurance that they can handle increased business and that they won’t have to suddenly invest in hardware or software as they expand.

New Technology

Related to the last point, the decision to outsource IT support also means that you will be able to benefit from the latest hardware and software innovations without having to pay directly for them. You can get the latest-and-greatest as part of your ongoing relationship with your IT support partner.

Budget Control

Because you’re working on a contract basis with the vendor who provides your IT support, you can more easily forecast costs. There won’t be any dramatic unexpected expenses, and you also can have the peace of mind knowing that if business slows, so does your IT cost because of the pay-as-you-use pricing.

The Bottom Line

In many cases, the decision to outsource IT support will lead to greater efficiency and, therefore, higher profitability.

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