KOMIX Organised a Seminar Focused on Functional Testing

KOMIX Organised a Seminar Focused on Functional Testing

From the beginning of the year, KOMIX s.r.o. has been organising seminars focused on testing and identifying the quality of software every third Wednesday of the month on a regular basis. On 21 March, there was another seminar the main topic of which was Functional Testing.
The purpose of the seminar was to acquaint the participants with the method of creating user requirements and with their links to the later stages of software development, with the basic principles of software application testing, planning, preparation and practical implementation of the tests and their evaluation, including utilisation of the testing tools for supporting the testing process.

“At present, functional testing is increasingly important due to the growing complexity of systems and the constantly accelerating innovation cycle of applications. In spite of the advanced possibilities of development platforms, applications must be tested,” says Ľudovít Marcinčín, the Key Account Manager at KOMIX. “The purpose of functional testing is to verify whether the functionality requested by the customer was implemented correctly, i.e. whether the application does exactly what is expected of it. Failure to test or “testing on users” is a very expensive matter today, which even the rich companies cannot afford in the current economic situation – the losses resulting from failure to test mostly exceed the costs of testing many times,” adds Marcinčín.

KOMIX has been engaged in testing and identifying quality of software for 20 years. At first, the company was focused on testing for the purpose of development of its own products; at present, it provides a complete range of services in this field and it is also a major distributor of testing tools. KOMIX has a team of experts with experience gained in a number of major projects.

Source: KOMIX
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