Data flow in Latvian data centers has doubled

Data flow in Latvian data centers has doubled

DEAC observed data traffic double increase due to business migration to the cloud services.

The capacity of processed data allows Latvia to become a highly competitive player among TOP IT (information technologies) countries and attract foreign investors. Rapidly growing Latvian data centers potential allows DEAC to target a stable niche and strengthens Latvia to become an equal player among the strongest IT countries.

The capacity of data generated in DEAC data centers reached 25 PT (Petabytes) within the last year, and that is less than 1/4 of the total company’s infrastructure capacity, besides data center occupancy rate have reached 70%. Along with new data centers openings, company forecasts the occupancy of current data centers to increase up to 100% by the end of the first quarter 2015.

DEAC data centers can provide data processing and storage capacity of more than 200 TB, in the near future this capacity is expected to increase up to 900 TB.

“Over the past three years business cloud migration became a prevailing IT trend all over the world, including Latvia, therefore a decision to delegate company’s data storage and processing to a reliable and secure outsourcing company is obvious,”

says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

Social networks and multimedia streaming were generating the most of Latvia’s traffic. Multimedia streaming has undoubtedly become an inherent advantage of the internet, which allows to deliver a high-quality content to the end user.  Video streaming has a dominance in the worldwide multimedia traffic, and surely, Youtube generates the most of the video content.

This social media is the most popular video source in Europe, and latest statistics shows, that 29% Latvians watch Youtube videos daily. Fast internet is the key to a supreme quality of video streaming and an enviable download speed, besides, according to Acamai research, Latvia can provide the 6th fastest internet connection in the world.

“Nowadays it is essential to have fast internet connection available wherever we go, while an uninterruptable and fast data flow becomes a vital factor for large companies and enterprises to keep up competitiveness and ensure survival. In fact, half of the companies that lose their data will become bankrupt within a year, that’s why continuity and security of business processes impact the financial stability of the company,”

comments A. Gailitis.

“Latvian data center’s services are frequently chosen by foreign investors. High-speed internet connection and 10 Gbit/s upstream channels connected to the world’s largest internet traffic exchange points in Europe, Asia and USA ensure continuity of processes, and that is highly valued by foreign customers.”

According to the Cisco research, mobile data traffic increased up to 81% in 2013, reaching 1.5 EB (exabytes) or 1536 PB per month that is more than a traffic traversed the global Internet in 2000. Modern technologies are improving our lives, offering a wide range of options to the user: to run dynamic calculations manage accounting and trading processes as well as maintain extensive databases online from anywhere.

Source: DEAC
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