Loan Showcase – New Possibilities for the Analysis of the Bank’s Loan Portfolio

Loan Showcase – New Possibilities for the Analysis of the Bank’s Loan Portfolio

The Forbis Company has completed a project on development of the Loan Showcase, providing new possibilities for the analysis and management of the bank’s loan portfolio.

Loan Showcase is a set of various indicators (attributes), whose values are displayed in the end of each day. The data are stored in FORPOST*Data Warehouse. The showcase is composed of the data on the following fully-functional products of BIS FORPOST:

  • Simple loan;
  • Annuity loan;
  • Overdraft of the checking account;
  • Credit line without a turnover period;
  • Credit line with a turnover period;
  • Loans write-off;
  • Card overdraft;
  • Salary project.
  • Advantages of the Loan Showcase:
  • High quality of the data;
  • High speed of data preparation;
  • Enhanced data security;
  • Standard principles of history data storing;
  • Convenient mechanisms of access to the data for visualisation of reports;
  • Increased efficiency of report making.

Chief Operating Officer of Forbis Larisa Shilovets marked out, “The quality of the information on the loan products is of key importance for making management decisions. The solution developed by our combined efforts with one of the banks – FORPOST users, leads the Bank out to a new higher level of loan portfolio management. The project was complex and in the course of implementation the functional requirements had undergone certain changes, which helped to achieve the desired result.”

Use of the Loan Showcase and the Business Intelligence tools provides the bank with a powerful analytical instrument for detailed analysis of the state of the bank’s loan portfolio, evaluation of the current situation and forecast of the possible future outcome.

The offered opportunities:

  • Improved process of formation of analytical reports and mandatory reporting;
  • Analysis of overdue indebtedness, financial planning and modelling;
  • Management of risks, yield.

In terms of technology a new showcase was made taking into account the international markets of the banks – Forbis customers. The goal to implement a fully localized solution was achieved. Moreover, the used technology is extremely flexible – the showcase may be adapted in a short term to the requirements of any bank in any country.


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