Long-Term Contracts Abundant in Outsourcing Industry

Long-Term Contracts Abundant in Outsourcing Industry

Positive feedback about outsourcing from businesses across the globe and its benefits are spread out in different mediums, among these would be on the websites in the form of testimonials, newsletters or industry blogs. There may be some companies who had a negative experience with outsourcing in the past, but this should not hinder them from exploring other opportunities that can be offered by the industry because the industry has evolved already. Outsourcing companies today have taken measures to ensure that their clients are satisfied and their concerns are being attended to with utmost urgency. There are outsourcing solutions providers that value their clients and make an immense effort to learn their clients’ businesses – which leads them to become a preferred and trusted outsourcing partner.

The increasing popularity of outsourcing companies because of the positive effects it has on businesses have led many to seek outsourcing and have propelled businesses to establish long-term contracts with solutions providers.

Despite the size of population who are already outsourcing, there are still some who are just beginning to embrace outsourcing be it in the form of contact center solutions, back office, or software services.

But there are important factors to consider when it is going to be your first time to engage in an outsourcing partnership and there would still be additional factors to consider if you are opting to partner with an offshore outsourcing solutions provider.

But one must not fret and feel overwhelmed with the factors because we can assure you that having gone through all those assessment, you will be ready to outsource in no time. There is only enough ways on how to stress the importance of these and we probably have covered it already in our past articles.

It is probably safe to say that there is no sector that is kept away from outsourcing. As what we may have witnessed in the first half of the year, outsourcing has been engaging with first time customers and long-time customers alike.

Recently, there was an announcement that solutions provider Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been selected by Spain’s largest police force, Guardia Civil, for IT support services. Guardia Civil has sought out the assistance of Accenture “to oversee the integration of 12 additional information sources into the operations management system and police investigations systems” they use. This decision by Guardia Civil is aimed at enhancing their capabilities with regard to their systems for management and police investigation.

Even in different regions across the globe, government units are among the top customers of the outsourcing industry.

Xerox (NYSE: XRX), another business process management company, has announced this month that it has been awarded by the Philadelphia Parking Authority a seven (7) year contract that is valued at $75 million. The said BPO company is an experienced solutions provider when it comes to parking systems management and operation because it is being contracted for such solutions for 40 years already and is not only limited to United States cities. Xerox is one of the large enterprise companies who provide transportation services to governments across the world.

Such long-term contracts could very well be a testament to the fact that companies and government units alike enjoy positive benefits from the outsourcing industry.

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