Major Software Outsourcing Trends Major Software Outsourcing Trends

Major Software Outsourcing Trends Major Software Outsourcing Trends

In this article we will consider major state-of-art software outsourcing trends, such as:
Consistent outsourcing services improvement. Software outsourcing companies are striving to embrace all software development lifecycle stages and manage their accomplishment quality. They tend to serve various vertical markets by offering their customers industry expertise. Thus, modern offshore vendors offer not only in-depth technical expertise, but also individual and creative approach to customer’s needs. Its worth mentioning, that Ukraine, and especially Lviv, is arising as a promising offshore destination with a large pool of talented IT specialists.

Increased Trust to Offshore Vendors. Despite negative crisis trends in the world’s economy, software outsourcing isn’t considered risky.

Now it’s possible to evaluate a potential partner by learning about its revenue and experience, requiring testimonials, work samples and team members’ resumes. Team members now also obtain more freedom; they are encouraged to be creative and enterprising, and offer some fresh ideas to improve the development process.

Increase in Demand for Mobile Applications. Smartphone penetration is expected to reach 50 % by the end of 2012. Companies are supposed to adapt to this trend and adjust their websites for mobile devices users. A demand for a wide range of mobile devices applications, including communication, multimedia, productivity and entertainment apps, will increase sufficiently.

Mobile development will undergo a rapid growth in 2012. Software outsourcing companies can surely draw benefits from this opportunity.

Cloud Will Replace Desktop Applications. Cloud software is considered to outclass desktop applications and is supposed to replace them shortly. Experts expect to see an explosion of diverse cloud services providers in 2012, striving to meet demand of the companies ready to implement this technology. Cloud software is more convenient, possesses increased storage, is highly automated and flexible; allows employees to access information regardless of their location. For these reasons, cloud software providers may become of great demand.

Security Issues Focus. In modern digital world security has become a major concern for most companies and institutions. Security-aware software outsourcing providers will confidently beat their competitors. Security means not only physical safety of the data and protection against cyber attacks. It also has to be initially built into the software development process, taking all possible threats and application vulnerabilities into account.

Software development outsourcing surely comprises various advantages and risks. Though, at the moment it maintains strong position in the business world and is confidently spreading globally.

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