Maximizing IT Investments Through Managed IT Services

Maximizing IT Investments Through Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are a very powerful way for a small or medium size business to keep its infrastructure solid and flexible while retaining a small budget. As a smaller business may lack the funds to create and maintain a full IT department of its own, leasing such services can be a smart move on a variety of fronts. Ultimately, the benefits of managed IT services go beyond mere budgetary concerns, and extend into both increased efficiency and overall effectiveness in an organization. Your organization may not be putting your resources into the right place.

Many business owners prefer to keep all operations close to themselves, but this may not be the best way for you to do business. Simply put, trying to make their business do everything in house represents insecurity. If you trust that other companies may be able to conduct certain processes better than your staff can, you might be ready to investigate managed IT services.

You might feel like your budget is constantly stretched tighter than anyone else’s, but almost every small and medium size business owner feels this way.

The problem of having to constantly make a dollar out of three quarters is not new at all, but many business owners make the mistake of trying to relentlessly save money within their own organizations, even when some kinds of saving hurt their operations. While frugality is wise, trying to slash costs on everything at the expense of effectiveness is ultimately self destructive.

The worst financial aspect of trying to sacrifice operational quality for the illusion of cost effectiveness is how much work your employees will have to do to work around half functional systems. While it may look like a savings at first glance, trying to keep sophisticated technical infrastructure in house generally drives up your payroll costs, drives down your employees’ morale and burns through your employees’ efficiency at their actual jobs. One can either compensate for a second rate system or perform at their best, but only a rare few can succeed at both activities at once.

Moreover, there are other IT costs you may not initially consider. Information technology is by nature technologically demanding. You need to purchase, upgrade and maintain a lot of computer hardware. If this is not your business, IT support outsourcing may be wise.

However, finances are not everything. When you attempt to keep all of your technological infrastructure in house, your core business operations are bound to suffer regardless of how financially capable you are. Simply put, most businesses cannot succeed at operations that are not their core function, and IT infrastructure demands a lot of intellectual resources. You may be able to keep your business without managed IT services, but you will not reach your ultimate success this way.

Efficiency is the ability to accomplish a lot of activities in a short time frame. Effectiveness is the ability to do something extremely well. When you attempt to keep your IT services in house, information technology needs to be handled by your existing staff, their efficiency will drop. Their effectiveness overall will also drop, in no small part due to their reduced morale. A person can only be expected to do so much before their mental fortitude begins to wane.

The reasons you need managed IT services are myriad. Firstly, outsourcing IT functions tends to save money versus purchasing and maintaining the necessary computer equipment. Also, employee morale and effectiveness is better without forcing everyone to work in IT. Finally, when you allow your employees to conduct your core business purpose, your business will be better at what it already does best.

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