MICROSOFT PROJECT(2007/10) in Czech Republic

MICROSOFT PROJECT(2007/10) in Czech Republic

Project Management Professionals and senior team members use multiple tools to plan, manage and track their projects or tasks being assigned to their team members.

In today’s world, manual mode of management for mission critical projects is passé. Also, projects which go through constant churn with multiple change requests, frequent resource movement or change in requirement, demand usage of project management tools.

Simultaneously, project management professional and senior team members are constantly asked to justify on the project funding needs and are also asked to have correct projections for the future based on past performance.

In such scenarios, multiple software tools are available for project time, cost, quality, scope and resource management. Among them, Microsoft Project 2010, offered by Microsoft Corporation, is the one of the most widely used tools.

Keeping in mind of such needs of professionals and organizations, Global Impeccable has launched a 2 day classroom program combined with online learning on Microsoft Project 2010.

Here, with the help of Microsoft Project 2010, we cover:

  1. Project Integration Management;
  2. Project Scope Management;
  3. Project Time Management;
  4. Project Cost Management;
  5. Project Resource Management;
  6. Project Communication Management;
  7. Project Stakeholder Management;
  8. Other techniques, practices offered by MS Project.

In this course, the participants will come to know on:

  1. How to set up MS Project;
  2. How to create a Project Plan with various types of Tasks, Resources;
  3. How to manage, monitor and control Project Plans with various Techniques such as CPM, EVM, Lead/Lag techniques, Forward/Backward Pass techniques, Variances, Compression Techniques, Single/Multiple Baseline or Interim plans;
  4. How to communicate with stakeholders with multiples reports such as Timeline, In-built reporting, Custom reporting, Grouping;
  5. How to manage change requests and bottlenecks in a project plan;
  6. How to close and archive MS projects.

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