Near-shore Mobile Development Cuts Costs and Shortens Time-to-Market

Near-shore Mobile Development Cuts Costs and Shortens Time-to-Market

Outsourcing mobile development brings relevant advantage to enterprises in current booming mobile device market. A near-shore outsourcing specialist in Europe, enprovia Software Engineering delivers advanced outsourcing services helping enterprises save valuable time.

Mobile access to corporate data 24/7 represents a new important trend in doing efficient business. However, it is usually not so easy to find ready-made mobile solutions fulfilling the requirements or to have direct access to skilled developers.

enprovia provides outsourcing customization services around ready-made solutions allowing companies to connect to many common business solutions out-of-the-box and to stay cost-efficient. Our mobile-enabled solutions provide enterprises with access to processes and data, allowing them to make decisions while on the move.

Having the mobile development outsourced, companies gain a relevant competitive cost advantage and can improve their teams’ efficiency. Outsourcing brings flexibility and allows for fast team expansion and change whenever needed.

At enprovia we support rapid development applying standardize methodologies. Our skilled team members can be applied as needed since we can tap from a large pool of experienced resources.

“Quality-conscious customers in western Europe have been relying on our outsourcing services since 2006 and showed satisfaction with efficient cost allocation.” – says Federico Sensi, Senior Manager at enprovia. “Strong product development background makes it possible to work on fix-price projects and our customers appreciate it.” –

adds Sensi.

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