Net Group supplied new IT infrastructure for the National Defence League

Net Group supplied new IT infrastructure for the National Defence League

Estonian leading company Net Group providing comprehensive IT solutions supplied a new secure IT infrastructure for the Estonian National Defence League. The new secure solution enables the Defence League efficiently administer all the users, positions, and software solutions.

The technical solution introduced in the Defence League is innovative and new in Estonia – it is a virtual infrastructure enabling centrally administer computer jobs locating in all subunits of the Defence League and, if necessary, update them. The objective of the project was consolidating the IT services of the units and taking them to the uniform standardised operation platform and to the common high level as regards its technical capacity and security.

“As a conclusion, it meant a completely new and innovative world-class technical solution, seven months of very intense work, consultation and training of many users and a few poods of salt eaten together,” Priit Kongo, Chairman of the Board of Net Group, said and added that 10 employees of Net Group were involved in the project.

Another significant factor besides security and central administration is saving the resources of the Defence League.

“The most remarkable victory for the Defence League, however, is the administration costs that would considerably decrease after the implementation of the new solution. On the other hand, it is now possible to make everyday (as well as extraordinary) IT maintenance – like software update – in just a few days instead of the prior several months,” head of the communications and information technology department of the Defence League, Vahur Parve, said.

One of the most important objectives of the Defence League’s IT project was ensuring the upmost security and operating safety: thank to the new solution, the systems of all the units are centrally administered and monitored ensuring the required high level of security. Thank to the implementation of the standardised hard- and software platform, also the IT support would improve at the Defence League in addition to the administration thereof.

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