Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Offshore Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Offshore outsourcing is making quite a buzz in the Internet marketing industry for the past couple of years. Because of its remarkable reviews and one of a kind marketing strategy, more and more internet marketers are gearing towards outsourcing as well. But amidst its popularity, this marketing strategy has garnered quite a lot of mixed feedback from the public. It too, has its own pros and cons.

Starting off with the pros, offshore outsourcing brings a whole new perspective to Internet marketing. This is because local businesses nowadays have the chance to broaden their possibilities through marketing to a larger number of people. Before the Internet, only the big leagues were in the limelight. This is because of their massive investments on advertising which obviously, local businesses could not afford. Because of offshore outsourcing, a local businessman can now have a marketing design and strategy without paying tons of money just to be out in the open.

Offshore outsourcing also provides a cheaper, less stressful outlet for the internet marketer who’s always on the go. Because we’re in a period that is labelled as “tough times”, people must seek for more opportunities. And whenever there is loads of work for an entrepreneur, they tend to lose focus on the more important aspects of their business. There are several technical jobs that can be outsourced offshore. Some of these involve web and graphic design, content creation and management, social media management, video editing, SEO services and so on. Aside from hiring the people needed to ease the work, offshore outsourcing reduces a lot of costs.

First cost reduction factor is that an entrepreneur doesn’t have to setup an actual office. Since all the transactions are online, the only thing that’s needed to be done is have a laptop and Internet connection. Other pro on this aspect is that hiring staff abroad do not have to pay any kind of federal or state taxes for these employees as the outsourcing companies take care of themselves. Plus, since it’s offshore, most outsourcing companies belong to countries that have low costs of living- making the salary immensely low compared to where the local business is actually located.

Moving on with the cons, offshore outsourcing has been quite popular that it has affected countries that involve the most online entrepreneurs and local businesses. Because of the significant cut on expenses, more and more businessmen are lured to hire offshore outsourcing companies that can cater high quality services at very low prices. Because of this, countries that aren’t known for outsourcing experience low employment rates especially in the field of IT and computer science. Aside from that, revenues do not return on the country where the entrepreneur resides since they’re paying a company that is not from their own territory. This has brought several economical and even social issues that lead some governments to restrict the usage of offshore outsourcing on some occasions.

All in all, offshore outsourcing may benefit the entrepreneur immensely because of its series of advantages. However, it’s up to the marketer to set their own boundaries, that this kind of Internet service would be more of beneficial than disadvantageous.

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