Outsourced IT ‘Is an Essential Part of Business’

Outsourced IT ‘Is an Essential Part of Business’

Companies looking to reduce their expenditure may wish to consider outsourced IT as a cost-effective and value for money solution.

A new report by the Moscow Times has suggested the practice is one that is now an “essential part” of modern-day business and offers an “indisputable” range of advantages.

It said the Russian market is like the rest of the world and outsourcing is now used to solve a number of commercial tasks.

Perhaps the only barrier to overcome is that of confidentiality, which must be assured for outsourcing to be an unrivalled success.

According to the newspaper, the use of outsourced IT is particularly valuable compared with other roles that can be handed over to an outside partner.

Sten Stovall, writing a piece for the Wall Street Journal, recently said AstraZeneca is an example of a pharmaceutical company that relies on outsourcing and could reap the rewards in the long term.

Source: Codestone
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