Outsourcing and Productivity: How Hiring Outside the Pool Can Increase Productivity

Outsourcing and Productivity: How Hiring Outside the Pool Can Increase Productivity

There are numerous incentives as to hiring a technical support team out of office, the most commonly cited and least of which is cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing IT services may be cheaper in select cases, but a far more compelling reason comes down to that of productivity. Emil Isanov, CEO of Etech 7, a managed IT services company in New York, puts it best when he states “If you’re a lawyer, you don’t do your own dental work, do you? Of course not; you leave it to a professional individual or series of individuals outside of the office. For that matter, you wouldn’t ask one of your fellow lawyers to do your dental work; it’s not their specialty, and even if they happened to be both an accomplished lawyer and dentist, you’re not paying them to be both. Information Technology is a lot like that.”

Although the metaphor may be a bit abstract, Mr. Isanov states that it’s meant to signify the issue of efficiency in office settings, be they large or small. “When you have a deadline and a select amount of employees each with very specific skills, judgment calls have to be made. Why should a business sacrifice time, money, and effort going through the lengthy process of interviewing, recruiting, and hiring on their own IT team, managing that team, listening to reports from that team, and managing the expenses incurred by that team when with one phone call or even an e-mail they can leave all that hard work to someone else?”

The true victory for the company, Mr. Isanov states, lies in the reduction of clutter.

“These days, IT support is a necessary service for every company, but with it can come a lot of headaches. As technology becomes more and more specialized companies that hire their own support often have to hire select employees for each aspect of computing: networking, storage, hardware, software, etc. Outsourcing IT support, especially with a company that provides an all-in-one solution like we do, means it becomes our problem, not the company’s.”

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