Outsourcing – Get More Done In Less Time

Outsourcing – Get More Done In Less Time

How can you use outsourcing to finish more work in less time?

One of the most effective techniques for getting more done in less time is having the capability to be more productive within a shorter period of time. This technique can be achieved through outsourcing the jobs that you do not want to do or cannot manage to complete yourself. A lot of business owners tend to work around the clock, putting in many exhaustive hours into their business in order to meet with deadlines or to finish outstanding work on time. But it is not all doom and gloom, there is another way. The secret to managing work efficiently is through outsourcing work to people, who can help them to complete their work on time.

What to do before you start the process of outsourcing?

Although the process of outsourcing may sound simply there are several aspects that you will need to consider first before you start with the process. Firstly, it is quite important that you create a starting budget for the tasks that need to be outsourced. Some pointers that will help you with this are for example, how much would it have cost you to conduct the same process locally, then as a rough rule of thumb divide it by two. So a task that may have cost you $1,000 to get done locally could be outsourced for around $500 or less.

The next thing to consider is the possibility of negative aspects that may occur at any time while working with outsourcers. And as a result of those you may not be able to complete your projects within your time frame. Therefore, it’s crucial to select people who can promise to work within a given time frame, provide you the best output within that time and who are capable and experienced for the task at hand. Finally, invest time in selecting the right people for you as skilled people are the most important denominators in cases of outsourcing, speak with them, view samples of their work, before making your decision that they are the right person/persons for your project.

What else do you need to keep in mind?

People make a very common mistake while outsourcing as they do not properly analyze the work or the task prior to the outsourcing process and tend to seek for outsourcing help for something pretty simple that could be easily done within the organization. Therefore without prior analysis, you cannot select the appropriate tasks to outsource and as a result cannot expect to get the best results. As the outsourcer it would be a good idea to have some knowledge of the task that you plan to outsource so you can describe your requirements in detail, the more detail in your requirements the less chance of errors in the final delivery of your project.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to have regular and continuous communication with the outsourcing team or the personnel as a must, with this in mind it would be wise to stipulate how you would like your communication channels to be opened; whether it be email, phone, Skype or another form.

In sum, if you can manage to make a proper selection of the tasks to be outsourced, can choose people who can do the best for you, deliver your projects on time and can continuously evaluate and monitor the outsourcing tasks, you can definitely get more done in the shortest possible time.

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  • Anonymous

    This statement is very much true, and yet, often ignored: “People make a very common mistake while outsourcing as they do not properly analyze the work or the task prior to the outsourcing process…” Plenty of businesses make the mistake of outsourcing the problem; not the solution.. and this is where issues arise.

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