Outsourcing Is Changing Massively

Outsourcing Is Changing Massively

The outsourcing landscape will change massively in the near future. Because large corporations are no longer really helps continue to outsource some business processes and IT sections. And because cloud computing and service-rental models like Software as a Service ( SaaS ), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS ) offering entirely new possibilities of external services to . benefit The solution is: do not get bogged down in the diversity and tinker with various symptoms, but go all out. At least, predict the Anaylst of HfS Research , who also coined a term for the same phenomenon: “business platforms”.

“Business Platforms are the future of business process outsourcing (BPO),” according to a study by market analysts. “They represent the true fusion of all the benefits of standardized business processes, cloud computing and SaaS to one driven service delivery model.” To add is that while the classical distinction between BPO and IT outsourcing will also be canceled immediately.

In the opinion of many companies HfS Research in the past two decades have already learned what outsourcing can bring, and what its limitations are. Lots of money has been in system upgrades, data integration and re-engineering of processes stuck. Now, two new developments were observed: firstly studied in the outsourcing sector experienced user working with competent BPO providers whose services many large companies would take to complete. Second, the technological solutions increasingly shifted into the cloud .

BPO and cloud services combine

Given these two developments converged to ask decision-makers can especially realize how large benefits without record investments through a combination of BPO and IT technology. The answer may be solutions, the cloud-based services and BPO combined, so HfS Research. Process in various fields of the market is now ripe for it. Business platforms and therefore would represent the new way to achieve optimum process results.

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