Outsourcing of IT on the Rise

Outsourcing of IT on the Rise

The outsourcing of IT will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, according to a survey from Bluewolf. Currently, as much as one-quarter of annual IT budgets is allocated to outsourcing, and spending is projected to grow. What’s telling is that cost-cutting is no longer the sole driver of this trend. Instead, organizations perceive outsourcing as an effective way to adopt technologies that can scale to demand and provide the agility required to meet real-time business challenges.

“The speed with which a business leverages new technologies plays a huge role in the company’s success, and that speed often depends on people,” says Michael Kirven, co-founder of Bluewolf. “CIOs are embracing the elastic workforce to gain access not only to more talent, but also to a specialized pool of workers at the top of their game who offer an outsider’s perspective.”

More than 200 IT decision-makers took part in the research.

Source: Baseline
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