Outsourcing Software Development – Is It a Choice for You?

Outsourcing Software Development – Is It a Choice for You?

There are lots of reasons why people do not really consider outsourcing as an option and probably number one on their list is the thought that they are going to lose control over a project or that they are going to somehow lose security in some way over work done with their client. They might also feel the choice of provider might be a bad one and they just end up with work that does not meet their high standards. All valid points unless you form a really good relationship with the outsourcing supplier and have a good level of trust going both ways between the two parties. There are a lot of plus points however and reading this list might just convince you to try outsourcing and not lose an order because you have not got enough available resources to deliver a product on time.

Cost Savings

  • Only pay for the developer and team when truly needed.
  • No down time between projects that are awaiting funding
  • No holidays,
  • No time off sick
  • No training courses
  • No equipment, hardware or software licences
  • No help desk support required
  • No desk space or meeting rooms required

Time Savings

  • No time needed to get developers feet “under the table”.
  • Leverage another teams working ability, understanding, real world experience built up over many years [you could be a novice].
  • Maximize the speed and experience of our seasoned developers.


  • Benefit from someone else’s experience of new developments and technologies.
  • In a competitive market outsourcing teams are constantly evaluating their skills and training requirements


  • It is easier for your outsourcing provider to move resources quickly and bring in extra resources as required
  • The outsourcer will have their regular external resources should the need arise

Knowledge transfer

  • Extra skills and knowledge to far better understand an issue
  • Expert knowledge to know how technologies could be effectively employed within your enterprise
  • The ability to work alongside your own development team to transfer knowledge.


By outsourcing you make sure continuity in development work. If you lose a member of staff because he moves on in a career path or is on extended leave or for whatever reason it is often difficult to replace key workers at brief notice. Outsourcing specialist companies usually have multi skilled staff that can create spare capacity to cover other functions and so the other parts of the team will be up and running again seamlessly.

Tools for the job

Serious outsourcing companies make sure they have all the tools needed to deliver quality software programs on time. They continually invest in new technology for their infrastructure and staff development.

Just a few points to consider when thinking about taking a decision whether to outsource a project or not. It’s never an easy decision to make and the best advice is to talk to a few companies willing to take on this kind of work and formulate an opinion with some expert advice.

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