Pentalog Is Competing for 3 Giant Contracts, on Its Nearshore Locations, with Prospects in Middle East, Germany and Romania

Pentalog Is Competing for 3 Giant Contracts, on Its Nearshore Locations, with Prospects in Middle East, Germany and Romania

It is not our business policy to speak about potential contracts before signing them. However, these 3 particular business deals have a highly significant meaning. Their respective volume, in countries which are very far from each other, prove to what extent our nearshore service brand has henceforth become well-known. In Romania, Pentalog brand stands out as a national leader whose name is the first conjured up by those who want to carry out significant projects in sectors like software and internet. In Germany, our IT services company holds a place which can be henceforth comparable with the one held in France, not so long ago, in 2006 or 2007. We have gained our position in less than 3 years and we can see that things are definitely evolving. At the end of 2011, Pentalog is known practically throughout the EMEA area, as one of the main players of the Eastern Europe nearshore.

How much are these 3 contracts worth?

At least €11M overall per year. In a more optimistic view, these 3 business deals could yield €17M sales figure per year for Pentalog, which equals roughly our sales figure for 2010. These 2 contracts would have a minimum life span of 3 years… so this could mean a total amount of as much as €33M to €51M!

If I’m talking about it, it is because in 2011 Pentalog managed to sign a few contracts worth several millions. In addition, there are also smaller offers, which are still under negotiation. Therefore, I am fairly more optimistic as to 2012 than my colleague Monica, who shows more moderation in this video .

Then of course, we might sign none of the 3 contracts… and this has to be considered. Or, on the contrary, all 3 ? The smallest is worth 2 millions per year and the biggest up to 10 millions. I consider that, whatever the case may be, although 2012 is heralded as a very difficult year, Pentalog’s position and market share on its areas of choice will record new progresses and that our company will become even more appealing, thus continuing to attract the best employees in the countries where it operates. We remain one of the few platforms in Romania which is able to develop projects involving up to 100 employees and which allows our project managers, Delivery Center managers and project directors to benefit from a 40% average annual growth in the last 4 years.

Therefore, keep an eye on our recruitment offers in case we sign these contracts as they will bring great technical and management opportunities. And in case we don’t, well, we’ll be happy to have been considered for so highly rated projects and it will be just a matter of time until we make it!

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