Resco Announces Mobile CRM 2012 Convergence Update

Resco Announces Mobile CRM 2012 Convergence Update

Resco, a leading vendor of advanced developer components and tools for mobile devices and powerful mobile business solutions, announces today the Mobile CRM 2012 Convergence Update.

The Convergence Update for Resco Mobile CRM is a big step to the future of mobile apps. The new features and functionality are in line with Resco’s strategy—global mobile CRM technology leader—and cover three main areas: online mode, GPS tracking and HTML5 app.

“The Convergence Update will be presented at Resco booth #2045 in the expo village of the Convergence 2012 show in Houston as a technology preview,” said Ivan Stano, Head of Marketing at Resco. “These new features outline where we plan to take the Resco Mobile CRM over 2012—the best in class mobile CRM solution in the market.”

The best of online approach combined with secure offline

The new online mode allows running the app online in real time, while the offline mode is still available. Thus, the users can flexibly switch between online and offline and can choose from up to three modes the app will work in after launch:

  • Always online
  • Online when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Manual mode

In order to make the sync process even more straightforward, the sync logic was reengineered. It is now part of the background processes, does not interfere with app’s operation and streamlines the user experience. In Woodford, there will be the option to turn some entities to online mode only. Thus, the security of sensitive data is increased dramatically.

HTML5—meet the future of mobile applications

The HTML5 client is a completely new approach to the mobile app’s UI. While the UI layer is done in HTML5, using JavaScript and jQuery technologies, the core of the app—data layer—is still based on the Resco Mobile CRM technology. The two layers are then seamlessly integrated by Resco JavaScript Bridge.

Resco prepared a customized version of HTML5 Mobile CRM application which runs on Tablet and can be used as an interactive restaurant menu. A customer can view menu in a graphically appealing user experience full of effects with and place orders.

The excellent overview of mobile users’ activities

Mobile users, whether sales or service, spend usually significant time in the field performing their daily tasks. In order to track their activities, Resco developed a GPS Tracking add-on. In the Resco Mobile CRM Woodford, the admin can define what actions will be tracked (create, update, delete) per what entities. The app stays untouched from the user‘s point of view, as all tracked processes run in the background and are stored as logs with a GPS position.

The Convergence Update will be presented as a technology preview in Resco booth #2045 at Convergence 2012 show in Houston.

Source: Resco
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