Resco Announces Mobile CRM Form Rules

Resco Announces Mobile CRM Form Rules

Resco, a leading provider of mobile software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, announces today the Mobile CRM Form Rules, which will be available in Resco Mobile CRM Woodford — an easy to use mobile app configurator. Form Rules will be part of the Resco Mobile CRM 2012 Collaboration Update scheduled for October 2, 2012.

The most important part of each CRM solution is customization capabilities. And same applies for mobile CRM. Although, Resco Mobile CRM provides sophisticated SDK (Studio), which allows unlimited customization of the mobile app, it requires advanced .NET developer skills. This is the reason Resco decides to significantly improve its easy to use mobile app configurator called Resco Mobile CRM Woodford.

A new Form Rules Visual Editor—part of Woodford—will allow administrators to easily define rules, under which mobile forms can be dynamically modified, or validated depending on field values or user input. The new Editor will work like the View — Filter Designer with no programming needed.

“New Form Rules we are implementing is a great move forward to make mobile app customization as simple as possible”, said Ivan Stano, Head of Marketing and Partner Channel. “With the highly expected Collaboration Update, Resco sets new standards in the mobile CRM industry and we cannot wait to bring more groundbreaking new functionality.”

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