Riga IT Demo Centre Is Launched

Riga IT Demo Centre Is Launched

The Riga Information Technology Demonstration Centre (Riga IT Demo Centre) was launched on July 4th in the Valdemars Centre office building in Riga, Latvia. The Demo Centre encourages interested parties to learn more about the achievements of Latvian IT companies in the development of various IT solutions. The Riga IT Demo Centre participants already exceed the count of 15 companies, including Tilde with its language technology solutions.

The main concept of the Riga IT Demo Centre is to provide information about developments in the Latvian IT industry in general, rather than focusing on individual company achievements. By using the most advanced technology, the Demo Centre will present the use of such technologies and will promote international recognition of achievements in the Latvian IT industry. The motto of the Demo Centre – “IT That Cares” – tells the world about the care that Latvian companies in the IT industry exhibit towards their customers, quality of service, the industry, employees, reputation, economic use of resources, and much more.

Source: Tilde

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