Rimi’s Business Management Systems Will Run in Baltic Data Center’s Data Centers

Rimi’s Business Management Systems Will Run in Baltic Data Center’s Data Centers

Baltic Data Center, a leader in data centre and information systems management in the Baltic States, and the retail chain Rimi Latvia have signed an agreement for provision of data center, IT infrastructure and data communication services. The business management software, which will run in the data centers located in Vilnius, will be used by Rimi in the three Baltic States.

The transfer of part of business management systems to Baltic Data Center’s data centers will allow one of the largest supermarket chains in the Baltics to improve the efficiency of its business.

Baltic Data Center will also provide to the retail chain data backup copying and storage services. TEO will, via its fiber-optic cables, ensure duplicated transfer of information between data centers and Rimi offices and shopping centers.

According to Saulius Markūnas, Director of Baltic Data Center, a company belonging to TEO Group, this will be one of the first times in Lithuania that a company of this size will transfer all its business management software to specialized data centers, using virtual resource technologies.

The services will be provided to Rimi by using the virtual infrastructure solutions from VMware, a global leader in virtual infrastructure solutions. Virtual server solutions enable optimum distribution of capacities for the execution of different tasks, and thus allow saving electricity and reducing costs as well as environmental damage.  In 2008 Baltic Data Center was awarded one of the highest statuses of partnership with VMware – Enterprise Partner.

Baltic Data Center provides data centre and IT infrastructure maintenance services to other largest retail chains in the Baltics, as well as to the largest financial services companies in Lithuania, manufacturing and other enterprises.


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