Russian IT Companies Form Cluster

Russian IT Companies Form Cluster

Russian IT companies 1C, ABBYY, Acronis and Parallels have joined forces with Competentum, the Runa Capital venture fund and PhysTech Soyuz to create a non-profit IT cluster at Moscow Physics and Technology University (MIPT), according to

The announcement was made by Runa Capital, which says that cluster will consist of departments at MIPT supported by the various companies. Runa Capital expects the public-private partnership to provide companies with an expedient infrastructure for joint projects at MIPT, while reducing the bureaucratic burdens placed on companies when dealing with state structures.

“For the first time in Russia a group of large IT companies have created a common framework for working with a particular university,”

said Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner of Runa Capital and chairman of the new cluster.

“The new IT cluster will provide the tech companies a convenient format for common projects at MIPT, including educational programs, R&D projects and combined laboratories. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the PhysTech 21 development program, which includes the creation of an IT park for breakthrough research and IT outsourcing at MIPT.”

The IT cluster will use the various competencies of its members in developing the direction for innovation at the PhysTech 21 cluster, which plans to focus on breakthroughs in IT research and infrastructure. By joining forces with existing departments at the university, the companies will help shape curriculum, create IT labs, attract the best teachers and researchers to the university, and support conferences, competitions and events.

PhysTech 21 is a scientific and educational cluster created by MIPT alumni and members of the PhysTech Soyuz to support university leadership according to directives from the Russian president’s office for the development of an innovation economy. The cluster it will be based on the experience gained during the creation of the North biopharmaceutical cluster established at MIPT in 2011.

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