New Web Site Will Help Ukrainians With Visa Issues

New Web Site Will Help Ukrainians With Visa Issues

At the end of August there are two common problems: summer is ending and the queues at the visa centers are non-ending. Many hard-working people realize these problems only just before their vacation.

A developer from Kharkiv created a site called that could help resolve these two problems. The site provides all the necessary information about the procedure of receiving a visa to any country worldwide for Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians.

As the developer explained, the reason for creating

“The summer is ending and I haven’t been on vacation yet. So I decided the check the countries where I can go without a visa. I need something simple and intuitive. But I haven’t found. So I decided to create such resource by myself. JavaScript + LeafLetJS + information from the opened resources about visas for Ukrainians and Russians and the site is ready”.

The site is easy to serf. Just choose the country where you are from – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and then choose the country where are you going. In the popup you’ll find all the available data on the visa, whether a country is in Schengen zone or not, how to apply for a visa etc.

The purple color on the map – your country, green color – where you don’t need a visa, red color – where you need a visa. Also there are additional options with a couple of questions – Do you have a Schengen visa, Do you have a visa to US.

You have to remember one important rule – always check the info with the embassy before your trip!

Source: Softheme

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