Small Firms Can Save by Outsourcing, Says Expert

Small Firms Can Save by Outsourcing, Says Expert

Small business owners could be tempted to outsource certain projects after one expert highlighted the benefits.

Ewan McKay, marketing manager at Response, said that outsourcing projects like IT and marketing can help businesses save costs, increase their knowledge and offer an improved service to their clients.

The expert also claimed that outsourcing can help companies focus on their core objectives and spend less time on side projects.

“Outsourcing can also reduce costs through reduction in service costs and [associated] revenue,” the expert explained.

“It can help improve your customer’s experiences through enhanced customer insight and allows firms to tap into the latest innovative thinking and developments whilst limiting capital expenditure.”

The comments reflect a number of industry reports regarding temporary workers, which suggest that demand for interim managers is on the rise.

Indeed, Diane Morris, director of InterimWomen, described the career choice as an “interesting move” for women.

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