Softengi – Clarification on the Situation in Ukraine

Softengi – Clarification on the Situation in Ukraine

Following all the recent news in the worldwide media and the growing popularity of Ukraine as a topic in the news reports, Softengi company, with its headquarters in Kyiv, development offices in Ukrainian regions, and dozens of customers worldwide with international projects, would like to give a “first-hand” clarification regarding the overall situation in Ukraine.

There are currently actively spread the messages on the Internet as a warning to Ukraine outsourcing customers, calling to freeze the projects with Ukrainian outsourcing companies due to unstable situation in the country or “following the growing possibility of war between Ukraine and Russia”.

From our side, as an outsourcing software development company working since 1995 at the IT market and putting the satisfaction of the customer above all, we would like to assure all our current customers and any interested parties that the political and social situation in Ukraine now is peaceful and stable.

Considering the latest media messages about army mobilization in Ukraine, we would like to assure you that most of them are overplayed and exaggerated. None of the Softengi employees were drafted to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Also it is important to note that no projects were paused or cancelled from Softengi’s side due to events in Ukraine, which took place in February – beginning of March. There are no disruptions in transportation, telecommunications or logistics in the country.  All Ukrainian Softengi development centers operate on a usual basis and plan to continue the work in this mode.

As in any other company, taking care of the customers’ data and projects, Softengi has its business continuity plan, which guarantees the delivery without disruption. So far we had no reason to activate this plan and we are pretty sure that we will not need it in the future. However, we always consider such risks and ready to meet any emergency situation.

Softengi office is located in its own office building, with backup communication channels as well as power supplies. We take care of all our projects, we always backup all the data and guarantee its 100% safety. We also have offices in various parts of Ukraine (East and West), as well as onshore and offshore presence (Europe and USA), which guarantees the relocation of works to safe place at any time.

For the ones, hesitating whether to start outsourcing project in Ukraine, we may assure that no incidents are happening now in the Softengi offices locations. In case of doubts, we would like to advise contacting Softengi directly and we will provide you with the detailed information or links for trustful international media resources, as well as references of our current customers, who may give you the first hand information on the positive situation with ongoing outsourcing projects at Softengi.

As a small confirmation, that Ukrainian people are happy, smiling and not running with weapon at the streets, we post here a shining picture of one of the Softengi teams in the office.

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