The Most Important Thing to Outsource

The Most Important Thing to Outsource

What to outsource? You’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking yourself, “what do I enjoy doing?”

As a business owner, there are tons of responsibilities. Brainstorming, sales, SEO, product creation, promoting, advertising, customer service, graphic design, website design, accounting, technical writing, legal writing, copywriting.

So what’s the best thing to outsource? What are some things that a small business owner should outsource, and what are the things that the small business owner should do themselves? Do you enjoy developing the essential foundation of your business or do you enjoy automation?

The best idea is to only outsource the tasks you hate doing, or find it least profitable to do. If you’re a great writer, but hate to make graphic design, you can hire someone to create your banners & websites. If you’re a great programmer but hate to write articles, it’s best to outsource the articles.

Your primary focus as an entrepreneur should be to increase sales and grow your business. However you best accomplish that will correspond with your strengths. Your weaknesses often determine what’s most appropriate to outsource.

Other times you find yourself outsourcing even though you don’t mind the work. I love to write articles, but in some cases I have to outsource writing. I recently created my second batch of product review sites, and developed 10 sites simultaneously. The one thing that would have significantly prevented an expediently accomplished launch was the writing of product reviews.

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