Tieto Helps Retailers to Go Mobile

Tieto Helps Retailers to Go Mobile

Tieto introduces a new mobile service for retailers. The Tieto Mobile Shopper helps retailers to reach the shoppers through their smart phone and offer location based services. Tieto’s cloud-based platform has a wide variety of ready-made functionalities and includes basic features such as online management of store locations and opening hours, as well as special offers. This allows a short time to get the service up and running and minimizes retailers’ need to invest in IT.

The benefits of a mobile service for retail organizations are numerous. The retailer can increase sales per customer and enhance the service experience as they can, for example, help the consumers find the store, attract shoppers to the store or their internet page with offers and ads, or connect with shoppers with personalized information.

Tieto takes the responsibility for keeping up with the shopper behavior and technical development. Personalized services are one of the planned development steps to be included in the next versions. The service contains an application to iPhone and Android phones for consumers and others are planned.

Janne Maunu, Offering Manager, Tieto Industry Solutions, says: “Retailers face the need to select and develop mobile services, but can be unsure of how their services fit the mobile channel. They wish to secure continuity in the changing world. Tieto’s mobile service helps retailers meet their customers’ constantly growing demand for better and more personal service, and it is easy to customize for different business needs.”

Mobile solutions increasingly influence the way people shop, buy and where they find the information they want. The retailers face a new competitive situation and demands for mobile and more personal services. The shopper will get targeted information directly through the mobile channel, can find the services more easily, and can give direct feedback.

Tieto’s Mobile Shopper is one of Tieto’s cloud based offerings, targeted to the retail industry. Tieto Mobile Shopper is based on Tieto’s generic Consumer Mobility platform which can be used as basis for mobile offering for different industries.

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