Top Offshore Outsourcing Myths

Top Offshore Outsourcing Myths

Because of the popularity outsourcing has gained for the past several years, it’s unavoidable to have a few myths about it. Even though more and more businessmen are outsourcing their business’ marketing schemes nowadays and highly recommend it, there are still others out there who are afraid to try because of the false beliefs they have. Here are the top four myths every businessman must forget about.

Myth #1: Outsourcing reduces productivity

Many believe that offshore outsourcing reduces productivity because of the communication barrier and cultural difference. Most offshore outsourcing companies belong to countries like India and Philippines. Though these countries have their own language, they are proficient in speaking English and can understand instructions very well. Aside from this, people from these countries are valued based on their work ethics. They fully understand that work comes first, making them productive enough for their clients’ satisfaction.

Myth #2: Outsourcing is the last resort

Since it’s known to have very low price rates, many think that offshore outsourcing is the last option in marketing one’s brand. Outsourcing is usually the only way for an online business to survive the internet’s tough competition. For most newbie internet marketers, outsourcing gives them ideas and expert assistance when it comes to selling online. Instead of being the last resort, this is one of the primary options to have a website that is fully functional and effective.

Myth #3: Outsourcing is only done to cut expenses

Outsourcing may be less expensive than hiring an in-house team yourself but it’s not only done just to cut expenses. Outsourcing broadens a business’ opportunities by providing quality internet marketing services. To provide great service, the price must always be reasonable and not low. Internet marketers who have outsourced their business usually do it because they want to save effort and time in order to maximise profit.

Myth #4: Cheap Labour Means Low Quality

Most people would perceive that anything that isn’t costly is something that is of low class and value and that anything that is expensive is the other way around. Outsourcing begs to differ. Its services cost less because the service providers usually belong to countries that have a lower cost of living compared to countries where most internet marketers are located. In reality, it would only seem that you’re giving them low salaries however, in their own county, it’s the right amount of money they need for the professional services they provide. All in all, it’s maximising output with the minimum input as much as possible.

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