The inside view on Ukrainian IT industry

The inside view on Ukrainian IT industry

On July 31st, the First National Channel welcomed Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Software COO, and Eduard Rubin, CEO at Telesens International, on the “First Studio” show to discuss Ukrainian IT industry, its past and future, its challenges and prospects.

Informal conversation and inside view — these are the main characteristics of the “First studio”, the new show with unusual format. Each time it has a new TV host, new show`s guests, and any topic can be chosen for discussion.

Ukrainian IT industry was on the “First Studio” agenda on July 31st. A simple conversation about the complex phenomenon, which has become an integral part of our lives. The show guests shared IT industry main figures, lightened the crucial needs, discussed IT education development and government involvement in industry`s future.

“Only few Ukrainians know how much IT industry brings to the country`s budget”,

Valery Krasovsky tells.

“The industry`s volume is about $2 billion. To compare, the metallurgy generates about $12 billion. However, the IT industry is growing faster, increasing up to 30% annually. With such a growth rate and in case of industry support from the government side, in five years IT sector will be as powerful as metallurgy. Moreover, the IT sector does not need any natural resources.

For the successful growth of industry we need to prepare future developers, which is impossible without reforming of Ukrainian IT education.  About 15 thousand IT specialists graduate every year from the universities, but only 25% of them find the job in IT industry. This happens because the level of graduates does not meet the real needs of the labor market”.

Eduard Rubin comments that to fix this problem the educational system should cooperate with business and give the students up-to-date knowledge. The development of the specialized secondary education is also considered vital for IT industry.

“Years ago only specialists with higher education could become programmers. Time changes though. The role of specialized secondary education increases; you can become a developer even with college diploma. I spent decades teaching at Kharkiv Polytechnic University, and I have a clear understanding of the real needs of IT industry. So I initiated the development of Kharkiv Computer College that prepares IT professionals during 2-3 years. Today competition for entry in college is 10 people for one place.

From this year Kharkiv Computer College launches new project — the dual education. This implies combining studies with work in IT company, which allow our students to accumulate theoretical and practical knowledge by the end of education. This approach eventually will solve the unemployment problem”.

“As well as personnel lack”,

adds Valery Krasovsky.

“Today IT industry offers about 5 thousand opened positions. And this number increases every year”.

Source: Sigma Ukraine
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