Webmedia Group Among 10 Most Attractive Employers in Estonia

Webmedia Group Among 10 Most Attractive Employers in Estonia

According to Postimees specialized online publication Tarbija 24, an annual survey to identify the most attractive employers among Estonian employees was ran by a recruitment service CV Keskus. The main described arguments to attract employees were credibility and personal development possibilities.

The employees participating in the survey mentioned credibility as the first and most essential argument when choosing an employer. People looking for a new job prefer companies with a reputation of steady employment and a small risk of displacement or company liquidation. Personal development possibilities were mentioned as the second most important factor and a pleasant staff as third.

1. Eesti Energia AS
2. Skype
3. Swedbank AS
4. Elion Ettevõtted AS
5. Tallink Groupp AS
7. Webmedia Grup AS
8. Playtech Estonia OÜ
9. SEB Pank AS
10. LHV Pank AS
11. Tallinna Kaubamaja AS
12. ABB AS
13. Estonian Air AS
14. Nordea Bank
15. Eesti pank
16. Tartu Ülikool
17. Ericsson Eesi AS
18. Riigimetsa majandamise keskus (RMK)
19. A. Le Coq AS
20. Microsoft Estonia OÜ

Laura Tammeorg, Marketing Manager of CV Keskus told Tarbija 24 that people consider the stability of the employer, personal development opportunities and operating freedom the most important factors when choosing an employer. Companies offering the above mentioned opportunities to their employees can pay higher salaries because their labour productivity and work efficiency is higher.
3864 people across Estonia participated in the survey. 70% of the participants were currently employed, 12% undergraduate students and 18% unemployed. 67,2% of the participants had higher education or had obtained a profession at a vocational education institution, 27,1% had secondary education. 1136 different companies were mentioned.

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