What Is Freelancing and Outsourcing?

What Is Freelancing and Outsourcing?

Freelancers and outsourcing are options that many in the business world are not taking advantage of. The most outstanding benefit of freelancers and outsourcing is that just about every area of business is covered. Freelancers generally perform short-term tasks for multiple businesses at the same time and often run their own business from home. This allows them to quote prices normally lower than that of a larger corporation.

Given the fact that freelancers are not legally employed by any firm, they are able to perform a multitude of tasks and projects. As a guide, the most popular freelancers work in the areas of:

  •  Translation
  •  Video production
  • Video editing
  • Tour Guidance Consultation
  • Website development
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Programming
  • Event management
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Telemarketing

Most freelancers use the internet to showcase their skills and experience.

Freelancers also publicise their skills through other avenues such as:


Whether it is music, writing, graphic design or any other related field, it is always possible to post a sample of work on a blog. Usually blogs get popular among general viewers first and then attract the attention of potential customers. It is however, a great starting point – and best of all, they are Free to use!


Different websites serve as a common platform for freelancers that work in a particular area. For example, EzineArticles is a website where hundreds of content writers display their work. Customers can go through the range of topics that each writer has written and review the quality of work.

Social Networks

Freelancers will often display completed works and portfolios on Social Networks such as Facebook. This is an excellent platform for submission as it allows users to provide feedback and comments on the quality of the work. Such reviews will give a clear indication to the history and performance of a freelancer.

It is obvious that highly skilled freelancers can assist with the day to day tasks in your business. Be wary though as most freelancers require very concise and clear instructions as well as regular supervision. The pool of freelancers is massive and as jobs are often short term, it is easy to change your freelancer almost immediately. Unlike the employment of staff, the hiring and firing of a freelancer is a stress and hassle free task. Consider outsourcing today to relieve your business worries.

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    It is true that freelancers are everywhere and so any company that wants to outsource can easily locate one. However, as the writer has pointed out, freelancers require careful supervision and regular inputs otherwise they can easily turn in a less-than-perfect project. That is why it is a far better option to hire what is known as a ‘virtual employee’. This resource is also a remote one and handles your outsourced work, but a virtual employee works for you exclusively like a local employee, except that they do so from a remote outsourcing vendor’s office in some Third World country, like say India. It is much more easier to supervise and control a virtual employee than a freelancer.

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