Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile Application Development

Why You Should Outsource Your Mobile Application Development

Many organisations are looking to develop mobile applications, whether it be to encourage a more mobile and efficient workforce or for marketing purposes. These organisations are usually faced with the decision of who to approach when developing a mobile application, which can often be confusing.

Organisations currently have the following options:

  • Professional custom software development organisations
  • Web development organisations
  • Internal IT departments

So who should you choose to develop your organisation’s mobile application?

“Mobile application development techniques, technology and tools are rapidly evolving. For many organisations whose core business is not in the software development industry, keeping abreast of advances in the mobile application development industry is costly and difficult. The expertise of web development firms are more focused on visual design rather than development of more complex backend functionality and integration,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“For most organisations, particularly those that are looking to develop corporate applications, which are more complex in nature, it would be wise to outsource development to professional organisations who are already working in this industry. The core business of these professional software development organisations is to solve a variety of problems on different platforms in a myriad of industries. Furthermore, organisations will benefit from professional testing departments and development processes refined from experience in the industry,” advised Kareem.

“This breadth of both technical and industry experience means that these professional software development firms are well-placed to develop a mobile application that meets your organisation’s requirements utilising the latest technologies. If you are unsure of how a mobile application can benefit your organisation, these software development firms will also be able to provide advice on how a mobile application can solve your business challenges,” continued Kareem.

“Leveraging the commercial experience of a software development firm and the expertise of your internal IT department will ensure that your organisation is delivered a quality mobile application utilising the latest technologies in the mobile application development industry,” concluded Kareem.

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