Hungarian high-tech bracelet changes design at the touch of a button

The design firm attracted more than USD 100,000 in crowd funding over 30 days.

Finally … high tech jewellery fit for a fashionista.

The ‘Tago Arc’ bracelet changes designs with the touch of a button to match your outfit or mood.

Design house Liber8′s Reka Kovacs explains:

“This is the bracelet of the future. It’s an e-ink, high fashion, high-tech bracelet with a full e-ink display and you can change the pattern on it whenever you want to. So imagine having one luxury bracelet with literally endless designs on its surface.”

The ‘Tago Arc’ display uses e-ink, the same kind used in e- readers. It also has an internal Near Field Communication chip, or an NFC, which communicates with your phone to change the design on the bracelet.

Design house Liber8′s Reka Kovacs explains:

“You go in the app, you choose your design that you want to display on the bracelet, you click on it, you buy it or you download it depending on the setting of that particular design, then you touch your smartphone to your bracelet, you click picture transfer and with the picture energy gets transferred on to the bracelet as well, you wait ten seconds and you have the new design.”

The app has thousands of options created by artists and designers. Kovacs says there’s potential for design houses to add seasonal looks too; making this a one-size fits all, statement piece.

Source: Ukraine Today

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