The First in This Part of Europe, an Innovative Densitometer at Krakow iMed24 Medical Center

The installation of a Lunar IDXA in Krakow iMed24 Medical Center is the first of its type in Central and Eastern Europe. This latest technology allows medical workers to monitor the progress and treatment of obese patients. It facilitates medical procedures which provide a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s body including their bones, percentage of the contents of body fat and location of body fat, muscle and other tissues.

More and more money is spent every year on the treatment of diseases associated with obesity as the disease significantly lowers the quality of life. Therefore, effectively monitoring the progress and treatment of obese patients is crucial in the fight against this disease. BMD (Body Mass Densitometry) is very important and effective in providing a precise assessment of patients with abnormalities in body weight and with metabolic disorders. It can be used to monitor wasting diseases, eating disorders and weight loss processes.

Full body scans, in addition to the assessment of bone density, are precise tools to estimate the proportion of soft body tissue. It is a modern, reliable option for diagnosing patients fighting for permanent weight loss” – says Joanna Drożdż-Gradzikiewicz, director of iMed24 Medical Center – “Modern technology used in the equipment reduces the X-ray dose to a minimum, making medical tests safer for the patient – adds Drożdż-Gradzikiewicz, MD.

Source: Comarch

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