Celebrating 10 years of Accesa!

Celebrating 10 years of Accesa!

In 2014, Accesa celebrates 10 years of activity and constant evolution!

Witnessing a decade in technology exposed us to constant developments, a great variety of projects, leading us to gain the necessary experience and expertise in managing technological change.

After 10 years, we defined ourselves as a company – and from now on – we strive to strengthen our position towards our partners, having the goal to assist the shifts in technology and business.

The official Anniversary Event event took place at Grand Hotel Italia in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania – where we had the honor of having over 250 guests. Amongst them, there was present the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca – Mr. Emil Boc, representatives of the local IT Cluster (Cluj IT Cluster) and of the academic environment, as well as representatives from the companies with whom Accesa build strong partnerships over the years.

In a festive atmosphere, we marked three main moments in Accesa’s evolutionary path: our past – our achievements, the present – the people who are beside us (our partners and colleagues), and the future – how we see it – as a journey that never stops.

According to Iulian Iuga, Accesa’s founder and CEO –

“2014 is the year when we mark a threshold of maturity which allows us to orient ourselves towards the future, to see beyond change”.

In Accesa, we manage to do so with the help of our team.

Source: Accesa

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