Asseco SEE Becomes the First F5′s Silver Partner in Romania

Asseco SEE Becomes the First F5′s Silver Partner in Romania

“Thank you for your continuing support with F5’s UNITY Partner program which has successfully proven to be the best partner program of the industry. I have pleasure confirming your new F5 partner status as a Silver UNITY Partner under the Welcome Citrix Partner program.I also want to extend our gratitude to you in being part of the F5 success story.

During FY11 F5 Networks achieved revenues exceeding $1.1 billion, up 31% from $882 million in fiscal year 2010. We continue to lead in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants as a “Leader in the Application Delivery Controller” market. F5 was one of the top ten best-performing stocks in the S&P 500 Index for 2010. F5 customers consistently rank F5 Customer Support among the highest in the industry (currently 9.4 out of 10). Our online DevCentral community exceeds 87,000 members.

We strongly value our relationship with our partners; this was one of the driving influences behind the F5 UNITY Partner Program.. The Partner Accreditation program was also launched last year and became part of the UNITY
requirements for FY12.

We have received fantastic feedback from the free online training available to all F5 Partners. It creates a comprehensive, online Accreditation curriculum giving partners a way to quickly ramp their knowledge of F5 products and solutions and is part of the F5 investment in our UNITY Partners.

I look forward to our continued partnership throughout FY12, tapping into the significant opportunities and jointly driving new business growth in EMEA”.

F5 Networks (F5) is an IT infrastructure vendor that specializes in application delivery and a networking appliances company.

F5′s goal is to help IT organizations create a flexible, adaptable infrastructure that ensures people, applications, and data can meet the demands of rapidly changing business environments. F5 believes that this agility is the key to success for any business to remain competitive and that the following key areas are critical to achieving this goal:

Provide strategic points of control deployed throughout the IT infrastructure to make moves, adds, and changes more fluid and enable the ability to provision resources on demand without affecting the performance of other segments of the network.
Replace the physical, one-to-one connections between technologies in the IT nfrastructure with dynamic, intelligent interactions that deliver the best result based on current conditions.
Establish and maintain strong partnerships with key software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and VMware. F5 works with these strategic partners to design, deploy, and manage integrated, application-specic network infrastructures to ensure successful application deployments.
Develop and nurture a strong online community through a social networking environment called F5 DevCentral.

Adrian Nastase, Business Developer, Asseco SEE Romania:

“Asseco SEE Romania becomes the first F5`s Silver Partner in Romania.

Asseco SEE Romania develops its solutions` portfolio by signing a strategic partnership with F5 Networks, the global leader in delivering  web application acceleration.

F5 is the pioneer load balancing technology implies uniform distribution of traffic among multiple Web servers. Today, the BIG-IP product family “Application Delivery Controller (ADC)” is positioned in front of Web servers or application, balancing traffic and taking over the execution of functions such as encryption / decryption traffic traffic analysis for possible vulnerabilities, maintaining connections with servers, acceleration and other functions aimed at improving the performance, availability and security applications. Functionality is modular, client being able to operate on the same equipment desired functionality: Local Traffic Manger (LTM) and / or Application Security Manager (ASM).

The main benefits of implementing F5 technology has been related to traffic balancing and high availability applications through native integration with leading technology vendors in the market: Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, IBM, SAP.

Another deployment scenario using high-end product range VIPIRION, providing traffic management between different data center’s (Global Traffic Management) while monitoring the status of applications as well. Another useful feature that follows the current centralization of IT resources and cost optimization of WAN Optimization is used mostly in complex projects Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery.

A prime focus for Romania is implementing F5 solutions and core applications developed by Asseco SEE internet banking.

The partnership with F5 Networks has been part of a strategy that Asseco SEE Romania has been implementing constantly, as a company that designs and implements  complex IT infrastructure`s architectures, which is a major advantage in the market`s competition. Firstly, we are offering our customers key-turn solutions, and F5`s ones perfectly fit in some complex projects we are involved in this period. Secondly, Asseco SEE has had as partners only IT major vendors with the best solutions and F5 is one of them.

These are enough reasons to believe that our partnership with F5 will continue to be a very successful one”.

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