Asseco SEE Strenthens Its presence in Turkey

Asseco SEE Strenthens Its presence in Turkey

Asseco South Eastern Europe (ASEE, Asseco SEE), a leading company producing banking software and providing IT services in South Eastern Europe, acquired Turkish company Sigma, specialized in web-based business solutions with focus on Corporate Spend Management and Lease&Asset Management applications for Financial Services, Telecom and Public. Sigma solutions are complementary to ASEE product portfolio and have great potential to be sold both on Turkish market and internationally.

Asseco SEE on the 14 of September acquired 98.68% of shares of Sigma.

“I am very glad that Sigma is joining ASEE Group. We see together great potential for expansion of its products Fidelity – spend management (product life-cycle solution) and LeaseFlex solution. I am also pleased that this acquisition strengthens our presence on the Turkish market which is strategic to us“ – said Piotr Jeleński, CEO of Asseco SEE Group.

“We are very excited about becoming a part of ASEE Group. Our target is to continue our expansion in Turkey while making our products in Spend Management, Fidelity and Leasing and Consumer Finance, Leaseflex global brands in financial services” – said Sirma Atac, CEO of Sigma.

Sigma was established in 2003. It offers its own solutions: Fidelity for corporate spend management and LeaseFlex for lease and asset management as well as third-party applications focused on process and content management mainly for financial services, telecom and public customers. In asset and spend management Sigma works with 8 from 15 largest banks in Turkey (incl. alBaraka, Ziraat Bank and Garanti). Leasing and asset management solution is implemented in 20 out of 40 equipment finance and leasing companies operating in Turkey. Sigma completed 30 large scale project within 5 years. In 2011/2012 the company closed the first project in United Arab Emirates with the leading provider of leasing finance  in the region. Sigma employs 68 people.

Asseco SEE plans Sigma should be merged with Asseco SEE Teknoloji A.Ş. in Turkey by the beginning of 2013.

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