ASSIST Software participated in Start-Up Internationalization

ASSIST Software participated in Start-Up Internationalization

On the 28th-29th of January the SUI Project Meeting was held in London, hosted by Amery Brothers.

Start-Up Internationalization (SUI) is an EU wide partnership project designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourages success in international activities for startup and entrepreneur.

On the 28th, we reviewed the entire course and ASSIST performed a live demo of the platform, which helped us clarify the final actions required for all partners.

Also, we evaluated the testing results and made a plan to change the project in order for it to be more useful and attractive for users, according to the testing results and the opinions of the testers. Another important point was the discussion about the strategy for dissemination.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the Multiplier Event that hosted many users, young entrepreneurs which tested the platform, ran through the course and gave us some useful feedback. We also plan to analyse the feedback and adjust the course.

So, we are looking forward to finishing the latest adjustments to the project and make the next Multiplier Event in Bucharest.


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