BICS Selects Comarch Inventory & Assurance Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

BICS Selects Comarch Inventory & Assurance Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services), a leading global provider of wholesale carrier services, chose Comarch for the transformation of their OSS environment towards a customer-centric one.

Comarch, a global provider of IT products and services for telecommunications, announced today that it is implementing its OSS products for Belgacom International Carrier Services, to improve the carrier’s network management and service assurance processes. Comarch’s flagship products: Comarch Network Inventory and Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance will help BICS increase the efficiency and quality of the management of the carrier’s global network and improve the processes of service assurance and delivering services to other carriers.

With customer satisfaction as one of the main goals, BICS decided to transform their initially product-oriented organization towards a more customer- and technology-focused approach. However, the carrier’s OSS environment had grown organically over the last couple of years, which increased the number of applications that were lacking proper integration. It became clear, that with the existing network structure the expected efficiency goals cannot be achieved without a major re-engineering of the entire OSS environment.

Aside from implementing its Network Inventory and Service Assurance solutions, Comarch will also be responsible for the migration from the existing in-house systems and the integration of its products within BICS’ existing IT environment. As a result of this project BICS will be able to effectively monitor complex services, pro-actively track potential problem root causes and, most importantly, quickly resolve incidents trough structured processes. Additionally, an end-to-end view of the network will assure that BICS will be able to better utilize their existing resources.

Comarch NG Service Assurance will help us transform towards pro-active service assurance, which will reduce the number of customer complaints and improve the quality of service. With the Comarch Network Inventory providing us a full view of our network we will be able to track network problems fast and efficiently. We believe Comarch Network Inventory and Service Assurance solutions are the ideal toolkit for Carriers for enhancing customer experience. – says – Johan Wouters, Senior Vice President Operations and Customer Services at BICS.

We believe that creating great customer experience can’t be done without efficient support from the OSS. We are pleased that BICS shares this vision and trusted us with this exciting transformation project. I am confident that in the long run this project will also help BICS cut costs, as a new consolidated IT environment will lower system maintenance costs and the reduced number of customer complaints will reduce the cost of customer service. – says Piotr Piątosa, Vice President of the Management Board and Head of the Telecommunications Business Unit at Comarch.

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