Binary Studio Partners With Microsoft

Binary Studio Partners With Microsoft

June 2015, Binary Studio became a Microsoft certified Partner.

Binary Studio partners with Microsoft in order to promote high standards in software development industry. Since our early stages we have specialized in development of Microsoft-focused business solutions and services.

Finally 2015 Microsoft recognized our .Net expertise and we are now proud to become an officially certified partner.

We adopted Microsoft tools at the very early stage of our journey and developed deep expertise over time. The projects we developed utilizing Microsoft toolkit relate to various verticals such as banking, e-commerce, video streaming, data analysis etc.

One of our largest .Net projects was performed for a major financial solutions developer with subsidiaries in Zurich, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Paris and Hong Kong. The products that we have developed are used by some of the largest names in international banking (including UBS, Citibank, and HSBC).

Moreover, Binary Studio used to hold Microsoft .Net User Group meet ups in order to promote knowledge sharing among local engineers. Our educational program – Binary Studio Academy, helps young talented engineers adopt Microsoft toolkit.

2015 is the fourth year we are going to teach all the specifics of Microsoft programming to some of the brightest young Ukrainian minds.

Partnering with Microsoft is another step towards realizing our brand strengthening strategy. Binary Studio employs some of the top ukrainian programmers, who are ready to prove their expertise. Thus we anticipate more partnerships in the nearest future.

Source: Binary Srudio

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