Comarch Becomes a Silver Member of the Linux Foundation

Comarch Becomes a Silver Member of the Linux Foundation

Comarch, a global provider of IT solutions for major economic sectors, announced today that it has become a member of The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium dedicated to protecting and accelerating the growth of Linux open source software.

For the past 18 years numerous projects developed in Comarch had desktop Linux versions or were created specifically for that platform. This allowed Comarch to gain unique experience in all the areas of this operating system including desktops, servers, clusters, mobile/embedded and automotive platforms. Additionally,  Comarch was involved in Maemo since its creation and now is an active player in mobile projects hosted by The Linux Foundation like MeeGo, forming a Tizen initiative as well as is an Associate Member of GENIVI Alliance.

- Linux-based solutions have always been an important part of Comarch’s offer since the company’s creation in 1993. Our experience covers virtually all aspects of the Linux world hence our decision to join The Linux Foundation is a natural consequence of that fact. – said Dariusz Filipski, R&D Director, Open Source, Mobile Solutions & Services, Comarch. – We want to share our commitment and experience with other Linux enthusiasts and companies working on Linux projects. For that reason I am very excited because being a member of The Foundation will bring us closer to our business partners as well as open source communities and enable us to streamline our efforts in providing what’s best in open technologies.

Membership in The Linux Foundation allows companies for tighter collaboration on system and major Linux-related projects between each other and Open Source communities. It also opens access to exclusive events where technical, legal and business issues are solved, as well as where trainings and materials are available. It is a platform used to share experience and best practices both in technological and legal areas. Lastly, membership in The Foundation holds a significant marketing value as it improves a company’s recognition in the Linux and Open Source world.

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