Comarch introduces a Spectrum Migration Management Platform

Comarch introduces a Spectrum Migration Management Platform

To support operators in facing the challenge of redeploying frequency bands in mobile networks, Comarch has enriched its Next Generation Network Planning solution with a Spectrum Migration Management Platform.

The platform is an end-to-end processing system for network expansion and update campaigns, which offers operators improved efficiency of the complicated network lifecycle management process.
In the close future the analog TV spectrum (including low frequency bands), a substantial part of GSM channels and some military bands will become available for mobile broadband services delivered via HSPA+ and LTE networks. As operators are facing the Smartphone revolution and the mobile broadband boom, the change works to their advantage.

However, they need to find a technically and economically efficient way of redeploying the spectrum in their busy network, where every mistake can compromise customer satisfaction.
In today’s telecommunications business agility in delivering mobile broadband services to customers as well as its planning cost optimization efforts are the most important drivers of revenue growth. New regulations related to public and free internet, emergence of network sharing alliances and the deployment of new radio and transport technologies all trigger a need for agile band management and frequency refarming processes. This is why we enriched our OSS Process Manager and the NG Network Planning solution with specialized configuration and spectrum management functions, supported by preconfigured process templates.”

– says Michał Mędrala, Network Planning & Design Product Manager at Comarch’s Telecommunication Business Unit.

To support telecom service providers in this new challenge, Comarch has enriched its Next Generation Network Planning solution with an integrated platform that includes all the components required for efficient planning and deployment of new frequency plans. These includes:

  • An integrated process flow covering all activities related to frequency migration campaigns
  • A common inventory assuring an up-to-date data flow between tools used within a service provider’s organization
  • Delivering tasks to the responsible staff governed by the responsibility matrix
  • Automatic synchronization of actions conducted by parties involved in planning and rollout campaigns

The platform provides tight integration of business processing logic and engineering tools, paving the way for coordinated and swift deployment of complex spectrum migration campaigns.

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