Comarch SFA at Diageo Denmark – Implementation of Comarch’s Mobile System on Google Android

Comarch SFA at Diageo Denmark – Implementation of Comarch’s Mobile System on Google Android

Comarch and Diageo Denmark (the world’s leading premium drinks business which has a number of renowned brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Gordon’s, J & B and Baileys in its portfolio) have signed an agreement for the purchase, implementation and maintenance of the Comarch SFA system for supporting sales representatives – Mobile Sales Force module, Online Manager module and Online Administrator module – formerly Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0. After the success of the project at Diageo in Poland, the company decided to expand the project to Denmark.

We chose to partner with Comarch after analyzing the commercially operating solution at Diageo Polska. Comarch’s system will enable us to more accurately report the work of our sales representatives and settled accounts with our customers – says Anne Luise Deleuran, Sales Director Off Trade at Diageo Denmark.

The project at Diageo Denmark will also be the first international implementation of the Comarch SFA system which runs on Android, with the use of tablets as a device for sales representatives.

Comarch’s recommendation concerning the functional scope, hardware platform (tablet) and the operating system, completely convinced us. Thanks to the implementation of the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force application on tablets equipped with Google Android, we get a perfect tool for performing tasks in the modern channel and will diversify the risks associated with the availability of only one mobile device – says Anne Luise Deleuran.

Comarch SFA (formerly Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0) implemented at Diageo Denmark will have to meet the specifics of the Danish market, which relies heavily on sales through retail chains, and not though small and medium-sized retail stores. A sales representative via mobile system such as Comarch SFA must be able not only to report work with a customer, but also have the opportunity to present new products or marketing materials (in the form of presentations or movies). A tablet, run by Google Android, is ideal for such a solution – says Jakub Frankiewicz, Product Manager, Comarch SFA.

Comarch SFA is a comprehensive platform which provides sales support for sales organizations. One of the modules of Comarch SFA is Mobile Sales Force Apps – a professional class Sales Force Automation system that supports mobile field workers. The platform has been operating since the year 2000 and has brought together a community of over 50 companies, 4,000 users of the FMCG, construction and pharmaceutical industry. Among the many clients who chose Comarch SFA are: Sobieski, IDS Group, Agros Nova, Navo PGD, Sara Lee, Mieszko, Wawel and many others.

Source: Comarch

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