Comarch Product and Service Catalog Solution for Telecoms Featured in Gartners Report

Comarch Product and Service Catalog Solution for Telecoms Featured in Gartners Report

Comarch’s catalog-driven end-to-end fulfillment solution has been assessed in Gartner’s “Competitive Landscape: Cross-Channel, Centralized, Catalog-Driven CRM, Order Management and Service Fulfillment for CSPs, Worldwide, 2014” report.

Comarch, a provider of complete IT solutions for telecommunications has recently been featured in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape report, which examines how eight technology providers are addressing the communication service provider market for catalog-driven CRM, order management and service fulfillment solutions.

Gartner sees Comarch’s advantage in its comprehensive approach to product and service catalog, and order management, as well as in the fact that the solution supports heterogeneous cloud and SDN delivery models and managing innovative, digital services.

The report’s author, Martina Kurth, examines how the market has matured significantly over the past three years and estimates a CSP adoption rate for catalog-driven order management and fulfillment solutions at 30% to 40% worldwide, as awareness among CSPs of the issue is high.

The report also claims that CSPs consider product and service catalogs as the trigger to transform entire frontend customer interaction, business support and operational fulfillment processes, and to effectively drive revenue streams through new sales and partner channels.

Comarch’s strength in the analyzed area is seen in its strong framework approach, as well as open and flexible architecture, complying to service-oriented architecture standards and business process management principles that ensure ample interoperability with legacy systems. Addressing product catalog, service catalog and order management in a cohesive fashion to enable process transformation is also seen as the company’s additional strength.

Gartner also sees Comarch’s competitive advantage in the joint custom-development of front-end business configuration CPQ capabilities, as well as in the fact that Comarch’s service catalog-driven fulfillment solutions also support heterogeneous cloud and SDN delivery models.

Comarch’s complete solution is based on its two flagship products – Next Generation Service Fulfillment and Product Catalog Management. An order management module is also an integral part of the solution, which allows automatic customer order decomposition into technical orders — based on information from the service catalog.

The solution manages the complete life cycle of services, including service inception, with value chain management. It enables catalog-driven fulfillment including partner offerings, partner platform orchestration, augmented with billing, settlement and SLA management capabilities.

The report can be downloaded from Gartner’s website.

Source: Comarch

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