DataArt Launches M2M Practice Dedicated to the Development of the Internet of Things

DataArt Launches M2M Practice Dedicated to the Development of the Internet of Things

DataArt, a global provider of custom software solutions, today announced the launch of its M2M/IoT consulting practice, to meet the quickly growing demands of the marketplace.

The new practice group is dedicated to helping clients who are eager to experiment with the Internet of Things (IoT) space across a variety of industries, including insurance, utilities, healthcare, retail, logistics, cities and municipalities, and beyond.

DataArt’s decision comes on the heels of recent key market forecasts predicting that the market for the Internet of Things will grow from $1.9 trillion to an estimated $7.1 trillion by the year 2020.

With years of experience in various disciplines that make up IoT – embedded software, electrical engineering, prototyping, cloud platforms, web and mobile development, and API design – today’s announcement positions DataArt at the forefront of pioneering solution providers to assist the development of IoT and M2M tech, the two concepts which are quickly becoming inextricably linked.

One of the key solutions at the cornerstone of DataArt’s new M2M/IoT consulting practice is its signature open source M2M framework DeviceHive, which allows clients to focus on product creation and innovation without investing significant time in device communication and management.

This is a key differentiator for companies looking to have their products on the market ahead of competitors. Besides a growing roster of clients in the M2M space, last week DataArt has reached a strategic partnership agreement with, a leading data service exchange for connected device platforms.

“The establishment of a dedicated M2M/IoT practice at DataArt is a testament to our unique position to offer customers a full suite of services that will aid them in putting M2M products and innovations to market at a faster rate than is currently possible,” said Artyom Astafurov, the M2M/IoT Practice Leader at DataArt and co-inventor of DeviceHive. “In a sense, our new practice and the solutions it offers will markedly help accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things.”

Other key offerings that are part of DataArt’s M2M/IoT practice include:

  • Determining potential areas of business that can benefit from IoT;
  • Prototyping of IoT solutions with DeviceHive, its reference platforms and prototyping hardware;
  • Full stack application development for IoT: hardware, firmware, cloud back-end, big data and analytics, mobile and web front-end;
  • Lean execution from concept to pilot launch and from pilot launch to full-scale deployment;
  • Analysis of existing M2M/IoT solutions;
  • Development of custom software on top of existing M2M platforms.
Source: DataArt

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