Destination Poland: Why More Businesses Are NearShoring in Central and Eastern Europe

Destination Poland: Why More Businesses Are NearShoring in Central and Eastern Europe

The Polish Association of Business Services Leaders (ABSL) – the biggest outsourcing companies’ association in Central and Eastern Europe – forecasts that in 2-3 years Poland will became one of the outsourcing sector’s leading nations on the continent. The rising demand in nearshoring services continues to drive growth and investment inflow, promoting Poland as a reliable business partner and a competitive outsourcing destination among international counterparts.

“Market instability enhances the sector in Europe, especially in its East-Central part – financially attractive, but still secure within the borders of EU – where Poland has a strongly entrenched leading position,” –

noted Jacek Levernes, President of the ABSL. “I can say that the interest of clients from around the world is growing and might be even bigger than we expected.”

The major advantages of the region consist in significantly lower costs of human capital and stringent security regulations. For example, according to a recent LSE study devoted to the research of the global market in the segment of software development, Poland occupies leading positions in several crucial categories:

• IT/BPO Environment (government backing, compatibility with the prevailing business culture, quality of life and accessibility) – Poland is #1;

• Quality of Infrastructure (telecommunications, power, transportation and real estate) – Poland makes the top 5;

• Risk Attractiveness (personal security, disruptive events, regulatory risks, macroeconomic risks and intellectual property protection) – Poland is a runner-up;

• Market Potential (a country’s future attractiveness as an offshore location for IT and business services) – Poland is second best.

Source: EPAM Systems

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