Endava Helps Johnston Press Build and Launch inews.co.uk

Endava Helps Johnston Press Build and Launch inews.co.uk

Global IT services company Endava is leveraging its technical capabilities to support one of the largest multimedia organisations in the UK, Johnston Press, as it adds a national newspaper to its portfolio.

The multimedia organisation recognises the value of growing its readership and enhancing its user experience through digital products and, following its acquisition of the national daily title the ‘i’ newspaper this April , has expanded the title’s reach to online.

“Our relationship with Endava has allowed us to build and integrate technology across all of our digital platforms that would be difficult to do on our own. The launch of Inews.co.uk is another great example of how we’ve combined our internal expertise with the development power of Endava to build modern, multi-platform products.”

Jeff Moriarty, Chief Digital and Product Officer, Johnston Press.

Endava and Johnston Press have enjoyed a strong and productive partnership for almost 4 years, during which time the privately-held outsourcing service provider has delivered support and development for their 200+ local news web and mobile sites, and a bespoke, user-driven, entertainment platform wow247.co.uk, increasing the number of unique visitors by 177% according to a report published by JP last year.

To help JP achieve their long-term growth goals, following the successful release of wow247, Endava has enhanced the robust WordPress platform launched in May last year, to deliver a user-friendly, fully-responsive online publishing solution for inews.co.uk

“We’re excited to be part of Johnston Press’ transformation into a digitally-ready organisation and we’re proud to have been trusted with delivering their product vision. The ‘i’’s expanded platform proves the versatility of the systems built by Endava and our commitment to providing our clients with the business solutions they need, to not just software products.”

John Cotterell, Chief Executive, Endava.

Working under a 7 week deadline, a team of Endava developers has successfully built and published a cloud-hosted CMS platform using PHP 5.5 and MySQL.

Thanks to a distributed agile delivery methodology, the developers worked alongside JP’s designers, as a single team, to deliver a solution that can be further customised and scaled, growing at the same pace as the business.

inews.co.uk, which has just gone live, is expected to improve JP’s circulation and, thanks to a user-friendly interface that allows readers to effectively consume content on any device, the platform is perfectly positioned to enhance loyalty and support JP’s growth within the national publisher’s market.

About Endava

Endava is a privately owned IT services company with over 2,750 employees and offices in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt and 6 delivery centres across Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Formed in 2000, Endava works with some of the world’s biggest brands in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail helping them harness digital technologies and transforming them into more agile, responsive and valuable businesses.

About Johnston Press

Johnston Press is one of the UK’s largest newspaper publishers, with a daily print circulation of over 600,000 papers.

Our content leverages i’s newsroom and global perspective alongside the expertise from our portfolio of over 900 journalists across the country, providing news and information services to our local communities at a national level.

Our news brands – both online and in print – now touch the lives of more than 32m people nationally each month and, through our continued focus to accelerate our digital offering, we’re able to deliver national and regional advertisers a highly successful platform to link them directly with local audiences.

Source: Endava

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