Enea Linux 4.0 for next generation network functions

Enea Linux 4.0 for next generation network functions

Today we released Enea Linux 4.0 – a major step in the evolution of Enea Linux.

New functionality has been incorporated to address the demands originated from next-generation networking solutions and real time applications.

Characterized by a high degree of customizability and a complete suite of exclusively open source software development tools, Enea Linux is Enea’s most capable and cost efficient Linux platform yet.

Enea’s world-class support stands on a great customer and partner ecosystem, and for more than four decades we have earned our customers’ trust, providing operating systems and middleware solutions.

Every day, 3 Billion people around the world go through the execution environment of Enea software when making a call, driving a truck, in satellite communication or a in a connected medical device.

Enea Linux 4.0 reflects our expertise and proves our continuous commitment to the Yocto Project.

Source: Enea

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