Enea’s Multi-Core RTOS Brings Robustness and Performance to SoCs

Enea’s Multi-Core RTOS Brings Robustness and Performance to SoCs

New Enea OSE® version available now! STOCKHOLM, Sweden, (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA), providing software platforms and services to the connected society, today announced the latest version of its real-time operating system Enea OSE®.

Enea OSE is a robust, high-performance real-time operating system (RTOS) optimized for multi-core and multi-processor systems requiring deterministic real-time behavior and high availability.

It shortens development time, enhances reliability and reduces life time maintenance costs for a wide range of systems, from mobile phones and industrial equipment, to medical instruments and telecom infrastructure.

The 64-bit Enea OSE RTOS enables the customer to utilize the full capability of modern 64-bit multicore processors, both in terms of using the 64-bit instruction set for computational intensive applications, and also in terms of using very large memory areas for example needed by LTE protocol processing.

“Enea OSE has evolved significantly in recent years, improving both scalability, performance, footprint, and response time,”

said Daniel Forsgren, SVP Product Management, Enea.

“Ever increasing demands on memory size and computational performance, coupled with the hardware evolution in general, drives requirements on the operating system itself. Enea OSE is well positioned to serve demanding use-cases and carrier-grade applications both today and tomorrow.”

Old and new users of Enea OSE will experience a robust RTOS with extraordinary real-time characteristics and execution performance, multi-core scalability outshining Linux, and easy software migration and portability thanks to its POSIX compatibility.

Due to its hybrid SMP/AMP kernel design, Enea OSE is very suitable for embedded multi-core situations where both a rich POSIX programming environment and real-time characteristics are needed on the same processor.

Contact information

For more information please visit www.enea.com/ose or contact:

Fredrik Medin, SVP Marketing

Telephone: +46 709 71 40 11

E-mail: fredrik.medin@enea.com

About Enea

Enea is a global supplier of network software platforms and world class services, with a vision of helping customers develop amazing functions in a connected society.

We are committed to working together with customers and leading hardware vendors as a key contributor in the open source community, developing and hardening optimal software solutions.

Every day, more than three billion people around the globe rely on our technologies in a wide range of applications in multiple verticals – from Telecom and Automotive, to Medical and Avionics. We have offices in Europe, North America and Asia, and are listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB.

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